Major Administrative Positions held

i) As Director, Institute for Energy Studies ( 2013 - 2018 )

Conducive research atmosphere has been created in the Institute, which is evident from the increase in number of research scholars (as projected in the Figure shown below) joining in regular Ph.D. programs with various fellowships / JRFs / SRFs / PDFs. All the Faculty members in the Institute are now showing good interest in applying for sponsored research projects. The year on year revenue growth has increased appreciably during the last 3 years (through research and consultancy projects) compared to the previous years, which is witnessed through the below graph. The information presented in the following graphs are as on September 2017.

The growth in the publications made by the faculty members of IES in peer reviewed journal is increasing year by year.

  • As a Convener of the Energy Conservation Committee for College of Engineering, CEG, the following measures were formulated to lay a road map with plan of action for effective implementation at CEG, AU.

    • Measures for Energy Auditing and reducing energy consumption in the campus

    • Measures to generate and use alternate source of Energy.

    • Framework for Student Participation.

  • Condemnation of equipment has been done to remove all the obsolete equipment accumulated since the inception of this Institute (1984).

    • The following new equipment and many application software were procured for the development of M.E. (Energy) and M.E. (Solar) Laboratories utilizing University and various scheme funds during the last 3 years.


Equipment procured under MNRE Lab and Library development funds

Equipment procured under DST – FIST Scheme


Event in IES with former Vice Chancellor @ Solar Lab


Inauguration of 10 kW SPV system n IES with former Vice Chancellor


Energy Storage Systems at IES Laboratory


Solar PV Demonstration projects at IES Laboratory


Pressurized Solar Water Heater System Installation at IES - LAB DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES


Solar Energy System Installation at IES – LAB DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES


Solar Energy Training Events at IES

Discussion with Former Vice Chancellor about the activities of IES

(ii) As Director, AU-FRG Institute for CAD/CAM

Served as Director, AU-FRG Institute for CAD/CAM, for a period of 3 ½ years (2010-2013). During this tenure, more than 40% growth in revenue earning was achieved in all the 3 years. A lot of Infrastructure development was made during this period. The growth in revenue generated in the centre during my tenure is projected in the graph shown below.



Infrastructure Developed

  • In order to provide facelift to the Institute and also to strengthen the roof, the AUFRG ICC building has been renovated by replacing the new vertified tiling floor and providing the weather roofing during the year 2012 & 2013 by utilizing the funds sanctioned by the University funds.

  • All the furniture which were procured during the establishment of the centre in the year 1996, were replaced with new ones in March 2011, through the funds received from the University.

  • The following equipment were procured during this tenure.

S. No


Cost of the Equipment (in Rs)

Year of procurement


R.P Machine

1 crore



Purchase of high end computer

3.33 Lakhs



Purchase of ABAQUS software

4.75 lakhs



Purchase of Simufact software

4.12 lakhs


Visit by RUSA Expert member to AU – FRG ICC


Event in AU-FRG with former Vice Chancellor


  • Four doctoral studies related to design of compact heat exchangers, free cooling, wind turbine wake studies, stratification in thermal storage system were completed using the advancements in CFD code FLUENT.

  • Optimized baffle configuration for the spherical header in a nuclear reactor in IGCAR, Kalpakkam and wake studies on wind turbine for CWET using the software tool ANSYS Fluent were carried out. The confidence gained through 4 Ph.D. research in the use of fluent software, 2 research projects completed for IGCAR & CWET leads to framing of syllabus for the conduct of two weeks short term course.

  • This effected the conduct of more than 30 short term courses on CFD using ANSYS FLUENT software, which benefited nearly 1000 engineering students across the state, creating large scale awareness of CFD among the engineering community leading to large scale usage in the industries in Tamil Nadu in the recent years.

Short Term Courses at AU-FRG


(iii) Deputy Director, Centre for Affiliation of Institution

Learning process of University Administration in my career started as Deputy Director, Centre for Affiliation of Institutions, which has supported me to understand the issues associated with affiliated institutions of Anna University. The following are certain glimpse of the task learnt and performed as Deputy Director, Centre for Affiliation of Institution

Major Works:

  • Preparation of formats for application for affiliation and sending to the colleges.

  • Preparation of Guidelines for affiliation.

  • Preparation of Inspection reports

  • Appointment of Inspection Committee and sending related documents to the Inspection Committee.

  • Conduct of Inspection Committee Chairman meeting.

  • Scrutiny of reports submitted by the Inspection Committees.

  • Scrutiny of Faculty Data Sheets and Certificates

  • Preparation of deficiency report

  • Conduct of meetings of Standing Committee on Affiliation.

  • Preparation of the reports – Note to Vice Chancellor and Preparation of Syndicate Items.

  • Preparation of Affiliation orders.

  • Issue of affiliation orders along with deficiency report.

  • Issue of Show cause notice to the colleges if necessary.

  • Issue of Suspension/withdrawal of affiliation if necessary.

  • Finalizing the details of number of colleges affiliated and sanctioned intake for the Single window system of Admission for the Academic years concerned.

  • Preparation of Demand statement for Inspection/affiliation fee

  • Preparation of Statistical details of colleges, programme-wise when required by the University.

  • Web development of CAI (Updating College details, Laboratory requirements, Statutes, Circulars, etc.)

  • Legal matters-Preparation of para-wise remarks for filing counter affidavits.

  • Inviting application from the faculty members of affiliated colleges in the prescribed format for the issue of eligibility certificate for qualification and experience.

  • Receiving complaints from students & staff of affiliated colleges and taking actions for appropriate remedial measures by convening Grievances and Redressed committee meeting.

  • Preparation of replies for RTI Act.

Highlights: During this tenure, involved in the preparation of “Drafting and formulation of Anna University Engineering Education Excellence model for Progressive Engineers

with Ethics and Knowledge
” (AUE3 for PEEK) as one of the 6 member committee constituted by Anna University.


(i) Contributions to various centers of Anna University

  • Office of Student Affairs:

    • Member of the Provisional Eligibility Certificate approval – Academic year 2004-05 and 2005-06. Scrutinized the documents submitted by the candidates for Provisional eligibility certificates for those who sought admission under NRI / Foreign National category.

    • Served as inquiry committee member to enquire the problems associated with the students unrest in the affiliated colleges.

  • Centre for Entrance Examinations & Admissions:

    • Acted as Additional Coordinator for the conduct of TNPCEE 2005-06.

    • Acted as AUR during all the other academic year for the conduct of TNPCEE.

    • Special observer in supervising of HSC (Plus 2) examinations during several years for various districts.

    • Acted as chairman of the inspection committee towards the signing of MoU with industries.

  • Centre for International Affairs:

    • Local coordinator for the MOUs signed between Anna University Chennai and i) University of Houston, USA & ii) Helmholtz Association, Germany (2007).

    • Resource person for delivering lectures to student groups coming from various countries.

  • Centre for Research:

    • Member of the Scrutiny Committee for Ph.D. and M.S. (by research) thesis (from 2007 to 2009).

    • Served as Doctoral Committee member for more than 75 research scholars registered under Mechanical Department, Mathematics Department, Chemical Engineering Department, Department of Management, Dept of Electrical Engineering and other inter disciplinary departments.

    • Served as chairman of the committee in connection to the research centre recognition for various affiliated colleges and research centers.

    • Served as member of the selection committee for Ph.D. admission in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

    • Served as additional member for the selection committee of Ph.D./ M.S (By Research) programme and award of Anna Centenary Research Fellowship.

    • Served as coordinator of the inspection committee to assess the infrastructure facilities available in the R&D centre at Centre for Wind Energy Technology, Chennai.

  • Office of the Controller of Examination

    • Acted as Chief Superintendent for the conduct of end semester P. G examination during the year April – May, 2010.

    • Chairman of the central valuation board for the Tirunelveli zone during the year 2006.

  • Centre for Technology Development and Transfer

    • Member of various committees towards awarding projects.

  • Planning and Development

    • Member of the co-ordination committee to monitor and review the collaborative programs with CVRDE, Avadi, Chennai.

  • Office of the Controller of Examination

    • Served as interview committee member for the selection of Ph.D. & Masters programme under QIP scheme (2012).

    • University Nominee for UGC Expert Committee to evaluate the performance and academic attainments of Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai (2017).

  • Departments/ college related

    • Served as President, Society of Mechanical Engineers in the year 2012 – 2013.

    • Served as a member of the Departmental Consultative Committee of the Department of Mathematics (2010).

    • Served as one of the coordinator for “CEG ZERO Waste Campus” 2017.

    • Delivered motivational talk to freshers.

Vice Chancellor, Anna University, Chennai.

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