Societal Development

“The famous saying of Wangari Maathai, “the environment and economy are really both sides of the same coin; if we cannot sustain the same environment we cannot sustain ourselves”. At present scenario it is highly essential to contribute towards the sustainable environment. Society is challenged with balancing our need for energy with the desire to protect the environment and human health. In this aspect the social contributions made in the field of Energy to create the sustainable environment are highlighted”

1. Outreach and Extension Activities

a) Human Resource Development in Renewable Energy:

Building a clean, sustainable environment through large scale solar system implementation requires huge potential of human resource. Also, considering the large promotion towards renewable resources by the state and central government several training programs were conducted for the social benefits. These programs were targeted for academicians, students, entrepreneur, technicians, and researchers.

Major Workshops
  • Organized a workshop on ‘Thermal Storage for Building Applications’ in association with “Pluss Polymers” during February 2009.

  • Organized Indo-German Workshop on ‘Recent Developments in Large Scale Solar Thermal Systems for Commercial Applications and Green Buildings’ in association with Gerindtec, Germany and Giz, Germany during June 2011.

  • Supported “International Conference on Renewable Energy Climate Change and Energy Management” as organizing secretary at Hyaat Chennai in association with FICCI during Janauary 2013.

  • Organized Indo-US Workshop on ‘Advances in Solar Energy and Utilization – Fast Forward with Solar Mission’ at Vivekanda Auditorium, Anna University during April 2014.

  • Organized a workshop on ‘Advances in Energy Storage for Energy Management and Broader use of Renewable Sources’ at TAG Auditorium, Anna University during March 2014.

  • Organized a one day workshop on “Solar Energy Systems – Opportunities, Challenges & Deployment” on 31st October 2015 supported by UGC, New Delhi.

  • Organized one day seminar on “Opportunities and Challenges in Solar and Wind Energy Technologies & Energy Storage “on 4th March 2017.

  • Organized 5 batches of UGC sponsored awareness program on “Opportunities in Solar Energy Utilization” on 21.09.2017 at Thanthai Periyar Government College of Technology, Vellore, , 26.09.2017 at GRT Engineering College, Tiruthani, 27.09.2017 Sri Sankara Senior Secondary school, Adayar, & 28.09.2017 at Institute of Engineers, Tamil Nadu State Centre and University College, Kanchipuram.

Major Training Programs

  • Co-ordinated &organized a series of 4 days 'Training programmes on ‘Solar Photovoltaic System’ (13 Training Programs between March 2014 to june 2014) at Institute for Energy Studies, Anna University sponsored by TEDA, Govt. of Tamil Nadu& UGC, New Delhi (2014 – 15)

  • Organized a 4 days training on “Fairconditioning towards energy efficient buildings

Hall Marks:

MNRE has selected Institute for Energy Studies (IES) as partner in Solar Energy Training Network (SETNET to collaborate with National Institute of Solar Energy) for the man power development through the conduct of training program. Hence lot training programs will be initiated in the coming years. (URL:

INDO – GERMAN Workshop (22nd June, 2011)


International Conference On Renewable Energy, Climate Change And Energy Management, 2013

INDO – US Workshop (7th& 8th of 2014)


International Conference On Polygeneration 2015

National Workshop Held In The Year Of 2015 On Solar Energy Systems- Opportunities, Challenges And Deployment


One day workshop held in the year of 2009 on thermal energy storage for energy efficient buildings and solar applications.

National Workshop Held In The Year Of 2014 On Advances In Energy Storage For Energy Management And Broader Use
Of Renewable Sources


A Glimse Of Solarr Pv Awareness Andtrainingprogram – 13 Nos Of 4days Trainingprogram


4 Days Training Program Held In The Year 2015 On Fair Conditioning – Towards Energy Efficient Buildings


4 Days Training Program Held In The Year 2015 On Fair Conditioning – Towards Energy Efficient Buildings

Interactions among the researchers, academicians & Students working in different part of the country would be promoted and enhanced through the conduct of seminars, workshops and conference. This would enable multi and inter disciplinary approach to address complex problems of Clean Energy technologies.

b) Human Resource Development in Computational Fluid Dynamics
CFD simulation is applied in various industries in order to achieve flawless product designing by combining computational tools and theory of fluid dynamics. Introduction of CFD simulation in the industrial system will be helpful to achieve energy efficiency in various systems. Some of the prime industries where CFD simulation is frequently used are Aerospace / Aeronautics, Automotive or Automobile, Building HVAC[(heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), Chemical / Petrochemicals, Energy / Power Generation, Manufacturing / Process Engineering, oil and gas industry, Product Design and Optimization, Oil and gas Industry, and Turbo Machinery, etc.

  • Four doctoral studies related to design of compact heat exchangers, free cooling, wind turbine wake studies, stratification in thermal storage system were completed using the advancements in CFD code FLUENT

Computational Fluid Dynamics – Short term Courses
  • Optimized baffle configuration for the spherical header in a nuclear reactor in IGCAR, kalpakkam and wake studies on wind turbine for CWET using the software tool ANSYS Fluent were carried out. The confidence gained through 4 Ph.D. research in the use of fluent software, 2 research projects completed for IGCAR & CWET leads to framing of syllabus for the conduct of two weeks short term course.

  • This effected the conduct of 30 short term courses on CFD using ANSYS FLUENT software, which benefited nearly 1000 engineering students across the state, creating large scale awareness of CFD among the engineering community leading to large scale usage in the industries in TamilNadu.

c) Training to Power Engineers (TANGEDCO Engineers)

  • Organized three days workshop on “Recent Trends in Renewable Energy Technologies” for TANGEDCO Engineers for a period of three days in association with Appadurai Chair from 19 Jan 2016- 21 Jan 2016.

  • Organized three days short term training course on “Emission control in Thermal power plants for a period of four days in association with Appadurai Chair for TANGEDCO Engineers from 20th Jan – 23rd Jan 2017

  • Organized three days short term training course of “Challenges in Solar Energy Utilization and adaptation of Thermal Power Plants to Fluctuating Renewable Energies” for a period of three days in association with Appadurai Chair for TANGEDCO Engineers from 25th Sep – 27th Sep 2017.

    Training to TANGEDCO Engineers- in association with Appadurai chair for power systems


    “Achievement Award”
    Honoured by Appadurai Chair for power systems, Anna University, towards training the power engineers (TANGEDCO) – Human Resource Development Activities

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