Research Achievements

  • The fundamental and numerical work carried out by me in the field of PCM solidification and melting during my research stay at Germany, in the year 1995-97 has improved my confidence level to extend my research towards thermal storage for various energy applications that leads to lot of environmental benefits.

  • During the last 15 years, out of 34 scholars completed Ph.D. research under my supervision/mentorship more than 20 research scholars have done their research in the field of PCM based energy storage for several applications. Fortunately, in the recent years, all my research contribution on energy storage has gained a significant momentum all over the world due to the large promotion of renewable energy which is highly intermittent in nature. This impact is evident from the increasing number of research publication in this field worldwide as shown in below Figure in the recent years.

  • The research which is initiated in the year 1993, has triggered several researchers in India to carry out their research in the field of thermal storage and this has raised India to 3rd position in this field of research (in terms of publications), next to China & U.S.A. Also, this significant contribution made Anna University to become the Seventh University world-wide and this has increased my reputation to the third position globally in the said field.

Scholarly Achievemnts Made Through Journal Publications

Citation Index (As on April 2018)

The number of citations for my research articles in the year 2016 & 2017 are 834 & 941 respectively. This record is the highest in Anna University for the said years.

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